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Understanding you dental benefits

Benefits & Premiums

Note: All plan and rate information available on this site is applicable to current FEDVIP eligible Federal civilian employees and retirees. Updated 2021 plan information and rates will be available in October.

Why Choose Blue Cross Blue ShieldBCBS FEP Dental?

  • Large nationwide dentist network - over 375,000 access points to receive in-network services
  • Preventive coverage (exams, cleanings, X-rays and sealants) covered at 100%
  • No waiting period on crowns, bridges, implants and dentures
  • No waiting period for orthodontic benefits
  • No annual deductible on in-network services
  • Unlimited annual benefit maximums under the High Option
  • Two options to choose from with coverage for yourself, self plus 1 or your entire family
  • Affordable premiums automatically deducted pre-tax from your paycheck
  • A customer service team dedicated to exceeding your expectations
  • Online tools to make your life easier
  • A Blue Cross Blue Shield product!

Understanding Your Dental Benefits

Understanding your Blue Cross Blue ShieldBCBS FEP Dental coverage is the key to making the most of your benefits, keeping your smile healthy and protecting your overall health.

We want you to be informed so that you can get the most appropriate and cost-effective care. Here is more about Blue Cross Blue ShieldBCBS FEP Dental 's value and offerings:


If you have further questions, call Customer Service at 1-855-504-2583 in the U.S. or 1-651-994-2583 collect outside the U.S.

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